2013 NSW State Championships

NSW State Irish Dancing Championships 2013 - Meg, Jack and Michelle

(c)Milton Baar, MediaImages

NSW State Irish Dancing Championships 2013, Currie-Henderson Academy

(c)Milton Baar, MediaImages

Congratulations to all of the Currie-Henderson Academy dancers who took part in the NSW State Championships on the weekend – many for the first time. We received some fantastic results, and everyone represented both themselves and the school beautifully. We’re looking forward to even bigger and brighter things at the Australian Championships in Perth in October!

Jack – 2nd
Meg – 13th
Michelle – 17th
Thomas – 3rd
Laura – 14th
Frances – 16th
Genevieve – 19th
Georgie – SRM
Annelise – 16th
Alannah – SRM
Danijela – SRM
Caitlin – SRM
Bridget – SRM