You’ve made the decision to bring your child to a class, but what now?

No uniform is necessary for new pupils, but make sure your child is wearing something comfortable that they can move freely in. eg. Tights and a singlet, shorts and t-shirt, etc. No denim is to be worn, as it is too restrictive.

Hair is to be neat and tidy, and pulled back off the face. Bun not necessary.

Irish dancing does require special shoes, but beginners may wear light sneakers, jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or jiffies if they already own them. Please do not feel the need to go out and purchase any of these. Joggers or school shoes will suffice for the first lesson, and your teacher will advise you where you can purchase Irish dancing shoes later.

Please pack a water bottle, as Irish dancing can be quite physically demanding. Food and toys/games are discouraged.

If you have not already spoken on the phone to someone about fees, your teacher will happily discuss payment options with you on the day.

Lastly, relax and try to enjoy the experience yourself! Have a chat with some of the other parents to get a feel for what it’s all about. Many of the parents make wonderful friendships themselves, and gain as much from the Irish dancing world as their children do!